Neil served as chief of staff to Congressman Bob Matsui (House Ways & Means Committee) and as legislative director and speechwriter for Congresswoman Beverly Byron.

Neil is on Capitol Hill daily and interacts with Members on both sides of the aisle to professional represent company views and to advocate on public policy issues. 

Policy Expertise: energy & environment,

financial services & banking, appropriations,

health care (technology, food & drug), labor,

tax, trade, transportation, defense, education,

telecommunications, science & technology.

On policy and strategy, Neil has authored or commented on several top policy and political issues confronting the Presidency and U.S. Congress:




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Dhillon Accurately Predicts GOP Win

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Dhillon, a former senior Public Affairs expert in the White House to President Bill Clinton, has a vast network of contacts that he brings to bear for his clients. He has worked for many top Public Relations and Public Affairs companies.

Neil was awarded many public relation's awards while at Hill & Knowlton International Public Relations.

Neil is a strong leader in the field of global public affairs. He has solid business and policy acumen in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Canada.

In Europe, Neil serves as a top policy advisor and government affairs expert for clients in international trade, financial services, health care, IT technology, defense technology, energy and environment.  In addition, Neil is a crisis communications expert, providing C-Suite counsel on emergency transportation incidents.

In Africa, Neil has represented the legitimate diamond mining business in Botswana and led top tier media to interview Botswana President and officials, including NBC Today Show hosts, NY Times, BBC,  and CNN.

In Asia, Neil has represented companies in China, India and Japan on international trade issues.

Neil Dhillon served as senior aide on the Clinton/Gore presidential campaign.  After the successful campaign, Neil served as one of the top directors of the Presidential Inaugural Committee.  

Neil was then appointed by President Bill Clinton to serve as a top legislative aide. With strong expertise in the federal government process, Neil currently helps companies navigate through the complexities of the bureaucratic process and regularly solves complex regulatory reform issues.

With strong bi-partisan contacts in the House and Senate, Neil interacts daily with committee members, House and Senate leadership and staff members to professionally represent companies on public policy issues.

With pending 2016 presidential politics and congressional elections, Neil regularly provides senior policy and political intelligence to elected officials and staff to help prepare for media interviews on television, radio, and print.

Despite serving in the Clinton Administration, Neil maintains strong bi-partisan contacts with Republican leaders and staff in the U.S. Congress and State Governments.

Neil also serves as policy and political contributor on television, print, and radio on wide-range of policy issues, domestic and globally.

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Trusted Aide to Clinton

Neil Dhillon -  Global Public Affairs & Government Relations

    ​​ Neil Dhillon      Government Relations 

Global Public Affairs

Senior White House & U.S. Congressional Legislative Aide